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About Arrival

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Category: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Release Date: 10 November 2016 (UK)

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Starring: Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 207 minutes

Budget: $74,569,631

Box Office: $?

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3 Great Reasons To Watch Arrival

“Arrival”, Within the genre of science fiction we have had many films on extraterrestrial contact, such as, Ultimatum to Earth, Encounters in the Third Phase and Contact. This week in the hands of Sony Pictures, we get the new film director Denis Villeneuve, Arrival or The Arrival, as it has been translated here in Spain. This director is known for his latest films, Prisioneros and Sicario among others, and soon premiere the new delivery of the cult work, Blade Runner.

This story based on the story of Ted Chiang, has a great cast, such as Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. Villeneuve, immerses us in a new stage of extraterrestrial visits, in the studio and the big questions that we would all have if this ever happened, "Are we alone in the universe? Are they friends or enemies? "

Arrival, not only tries to put us in a situation of alien contact, but also in the behavior that we humans would have if this ever happened. This shows, that humans, by nature, are afraid of the unknown. What would happen if 12 alien spacecraft landed at different points on Earth? What action plan would the high commanders take against something we do not know?”...
These two questions have a fictitious answer on this tape, although I think very similar to what could happen. The arrival puts us in this situation, as I have said fictitious, where a colonel of the United States (Whitaker), a recruit and expert linguist (Adams) and a scientist (Renner), who investigate one of these ships to try to find out what are His intentions on Earth.

Denis Villeneuve, presents us a spectacular work, where he sees and perceives, the mime he has put into making this film. With a portentous argument, that puts us fully in the possibility that this situation was true, in the experiences of each of the characters and in the situation they are.

#3 A great release date: November 10, 2016

Eric Heisserer, is the great culprit that is not only a credible story, but beautiful and exciting, apart from being a solid story that goes in crescendo until reaching an end, which personally, left me in awe. Technically, Arrival is very careful, down to the smallest detail. We are facing some photography works, visual effects, sound and soundtrack, that leave you fascinated and how it happened to me in some scenes ojiplático. We knew by now, Amy Adams' interpretive ability, but here, it leaves one of the most outstanding interpretations within her career. The way it has to transmit, not just talking, but with the look. It makes you believe that the situation of your character, of the feelings and thoughts, are totally real'.

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Jeremy Renner, also highlights, like Forest Whitaker, but its interpretations are overshadowed by an Amy Adams, that sounds for nomination to some prize. The interpretations work also by the work of Villeneuve, who proves us again, who knows how to express the psychological aspects of the characters of his films.

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“Arrival” We are facing one of the best films of the year and the best one of its kind for years. Vibrant and beautiful, both argumentatively and visually. Villeneuve again demonstrates the great talent behind the cameras and burn to see that leaves the project of Blade Runner 2.
Amy Adams undoubtedly shades her cast partners, leaving us, one of her most outstanding performances, in her career. I can only say that if you want to see it, go without a second thought and if you are a little reluctant, give it a try, it will not disappoint you. .

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